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Eagle Pro 1050 (2016) Camel


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Valle Pro Eagle 1050 (2016) Outfielder Training Mitt Size is 10.5″ is a great training tool for all outfielders.  For a limited time, this Pro Series Eagle 1050 with a custom color, is being offered. The leather on the Pro Series is the highest quality steer hide leather that is available only in the Pro Series, and has USA tanned leather lacing. The Eagle 1050 Pro Series  has a outfielder trapeze style web with the Valle “double finger pad” on the shell to accommodate the different styles that players may wear their glove. As most outfielders will wear their outfielder glove putting two fingers , their pinky and ring finger, in the same finger slot, the Eagle 1050 is designed to have the pinky finger slot large enough for the player to do this. Though this glove is very small, it can still be worn the same way as a player would wear his game glove. The Valle Eagle 1050 outfield trainer is a training glove that any age player can use to bring their skill to defensive excellence. Professional, college, high school and youth all train with the Valle Eagle 1050! Game Glove For The Youth! or Training Glove For The High School To Pro Player! The Glove You’ll Never Outgrow! Easy Break In. Do your training with the Eagle Series Gloves. This Valle Eagle 1050 is great for shagging fly balls, grounders, over the shoulder drills etc. Practice makes perfect! To stay ahead of the game and your competition you need to constantly hone your skills.

New Features to the Eagle Pro Series 11:
* Pro Steer Hide Leather
* Leather welting
* Double finger pads
* More padding on palm
* Additional room in the pinky stall for players who wear their glove with two fingers in that area
* Pro USA Auburn Leather Lacing
* “Train Like A Pro” embroidered on the shell
* Thumb padding added for fit and comfort

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